Downtown Novato 1915

Downtown Novato circa 1915

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1900 – 1949: Building A Community

1902 Novato’s first newspaper, Marin Co. Banner begun by John Bond. It stopped publication in 1919.
1903 2nd train depot built, first depot moved behind Druids Hall
1905 Robert Trumbull Sr. replaced Hatch as manager of Novato Land Co. He and his wife
Edith Morrow Brown from Petaluma moved into the former Sweetser/DeLong home.They purchased the home in 1916 when Novato Land Co. sold off their holdings.
1906 Neilsen-Simmons House built by the Neilsens, a ranching family. It was admired for its impressive detailing. Later, the house was owned by the Simmons . It is still standing at the corner of DeLong and Sherman.
1907 Flatiron Bld. and Abraham Yelmorini’s Saloon built, the former to block view from thetrain station of other saloons on Grant Ave.
Novato Sanatorium, the first hospital, was established in the Oliver House on Railroad Ave.
1908 Telephone company established by Will Cain. There were five telephone subscribers: railway depot, cheese factory, Dr.Kuser, Mr. Trumbull and Scott’s store.
July 3 – Train wreck in Novato – Kills one person
1909 DeBorba’s Saloon built on Grant Ave. by Antonio (Tony) DeBorba Jr. It is still owned and operated by the DeBorba family. Tony’s father owned a dairy ranch at Deer Island.
1910 – 1930 Many chicken ranches, dairies & vineyards started.
1910 Carlile’s hardware store built at 815-817 Grant Ave. by Charles Carlile. Operated until his death in 1961.
August 10th – Train wreck in Ignacio kills 6 – Will Cain injured
1911 Electric Company established by Will Cain. In 1912 Will and his brother Al Cain established the Novato Water Company. In 1916 incorporated as Novato Utilities Co to include electricity, water and phone.
1913 Novato Bank was chartered and located at 826 Grant. It was financed by James Black Burdell and built by Frank Silva who owned the property.
1915 Chamber of Commerce formed.
1917 Post Office housed next to Marin Bank on Grant (first permanent location).
Pini Grocery Store built on Grant by Henry Pini.
New state road, Hwy 101, built through Novato (Redwood Blvd.)
Third depot built after the second burned.
Petaluma Bridge built
1918 The Novato Land Company, owners of the former Rancho Novato then Delong Ranch, started liquidating by subdividing into smaller farms. Sweetser Subdivision #1 which ran from First to Seventh Streets was the first sold.
1922 3rd. Novato Grammar School, also known as Grant Ave. School, built on Redwood Blvd., where McDonalds is now. Lulu Sutton was the Principal. It was demolished in 1959 as it did not meet earthquake standards.
Pini Feed Mill built.
Novato Advance begun by Wm. Hanen at 868 Grant Ave
Nave Garage and Novato Bakery open
Concrete sidewalks on part of Grant Ave.
1923 Community House dedicated, April 11th
May 23rd Ignacio Pacheco adobe home at burns down
Paving of Grant Ave. (aka Main Street).
1925 Sanitary District established
Library established on second floor of Community House.
1926 Fire District Formed
1928 Sears Point Toll Road, also called the Black Point Cutoff, is opened. It is a private road to Vallejo.
1932 Hamilton Field construction begins
1934 State buys Sears Point Toll Road and it becomes Hwy 37
1935 Dedication of Hamilton Army Air Field
1936 Catholic Church burned and rebuilt on Grant Ave. and Second Street.
1946 Novato Airport built by Paul Binford and Jack Lewis
1947 Novato Theater opened by Alfred Bowman. Closes in the 1900’s
1948 North Marin Water District formed.
1948 – 1949 Sanitary District Treatment Plant built.
Redwood Blvd., Hwy 101, in Novato widened to 4 lanes