City of Novato: The Early Years
Novato – 1939

Video from 1955 … video starts 10 seconds into the movie.

January 1997 – Novato Soroptimist Society Video

From 1987-1990, the Wings of Victory Air Show was held at Hamilton Field in Novato, CA. This home shot footage from the final weekend show comes courtesy of James Schneider.

This video is about Hamilton Airfield in Novato. The Hamilton Airfield, located in what is now Novato, was named in honor of Lloyd Andrew Hamilton, a former Marin County inhabitant and a pilot who was killed in World War 1. The base opened in 1935 and was incredibly important to the West Coast air defense.

These oral histories are from actual people who served and/or lived on Hamilton Air Force Base at the time that it was open. These were all recorded at the Hamilton Field History Museum at 555 Hangar Avenue Novato CA, 94947. The museum has many exhibits and artifacts including a Link Trainer, items from General H. H. “Hap” Arnold, and many more.